New York Owners: Vick Will Not Be a Jet or Giant


Jul 21, 2009

New York Owners: Vick Will Not Be a Jet or Giant Now that Michael Vick has been released from federal custody, he’s waiting to hear if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will reinstate him.

That’s just the first hurdle Vick will need to jump. Provided he gets a second chance, the quarterback will have to find a new team after being released by the Falcons in June.

Scratch the Jets and Giants off the list of potential new employers.

“On a lot of levels, [we have] no [interest in Michael Vick],” Giants owner John Mara told the New York Post.

His counterpart feels the same.

“We've got Kellen Clemens, and now we have this young Mark Sanchez, and I think we are good on quarterbacks," Jets owner Woody Johnson told the Post. “We're going to stick with what we are doing now. Kellen, this will be his fourth year, so he is ready to go, and Sanchez is pretty exciting."

Though Jets lineman Damien Woody personally believes Vick deserves the chance to mend his mistakes and return to football, he understands the Jets’ lack of interest in him, from a business standpoint.

"Me, personally, I feel like he has done his time," Woody said of Vick. "I feel everything that has happened to him that is more than enough punishment for the crime that he committed. Like anybody out here in society, you do a crime, you pay the punishment, then is it time to allow them to move forward with their life.

"So I just think he has done his time and now it is time for us to allow him to move forward and live his life and try to be a productive person in society.

"[But] there is a lot to bringing Michael Vick aboard, especially in these economic times," Woody continued. "You have sponsors and stuff like that, and you always have to take that into consideration."

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