Nomar’s Return Brings Goosebumps to Fenway


Jul 7, 2009

Nomar's Return Brings Goosebumps to Fenway July 25th, 2004 was the last game Nomar Garciaparra played at
Fenway Park in a Red Sox uniform. Nearly five years later, the shortstop made
his return to the field he loved, and the fans loved him back.

Nomar received an extended standing ovation when he walked to home plate for
his first at-bat Monday night.

He tipped his batting helmet, and the fans cheered even more.

He clapped his hands back at the Fenway Faithful for their support, and the
fans cheered even more.

He touched his heart and fought back tears, and the fans cheered even

John Smoltz did about 15 laps around the mound during the
ovation, and the home plate umpire took the time to dust off the plate. He could
have gone out for a sandwich. The ovation was that long.

Immediately after the game I had the chance to interview Nomar. He said it
took him a while to get back into the box because he was trying to get his
emotions under control.  He was extremely touched, and was fighting back

In the clubhouse Jason Varitek said Nomar has had a tough
time since leaving Boston, the place where he wanted to end his career. Varitek
said Nomar told him to apologize to Smoltz for taking so long. The Sox Captain
also said he could tell Nomar was struggling with his emotions in that

It was a moment those at Fenway Park Monday night won’t forget. It was a
moment that brought goosebumps to even the most hardened of baseball fans.

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