Francona Excited About the Depth LaRoche Provides Lately, it’s been hard for Terry Francona to find a lineup that can produce every day. But starting on Friday, it may get a little easier, now that he can throw the newly-acquired Adam LaRoche into the mix.

His impact won’t be immediate — LaRoche won’t join the team until Friday — but Francona will spend Thursday’s off-day figuring out how to best utilize the new talent.

“We’re always excited to get good players,” Francona told NESN’s Heidi Watney during Wednesday’s addition of Red Sox Pre-Game. “It’s a little bit hard to have a reaction because we’re getting ready to play a game, and we don’t have a roster move yet … We’ll get home in the morning and then sift through and have some probably very important meetings about how we’re going to go forward.

“We’re not giving up anybody from our team, and [the move] certainly gives us a deeper 25-man roster.”

Meanwhile, third baseman Mike Lowell and utility infielder Mark Kotsay have no fear that LaRoche will cut into their playing time; instead, they’re relieved about the added depth he will provide. Lowell said he does not expect LaRoche to replace him in the lineup if he is healthy and hitting well.

You can watch Heidi’s full interview with Francona here: