Source: ‘No Reason For Hysteria’ Over Brady’s Shoulder


August 30, 2009

Source: 'No Reason For Hysteria' Over Brady's Shoulder During his Saturday news conference, Bill Belichick was characteristically tight-lipped when it came to providing any new information about whether Tom Brady will have to miss time to recover from his "sore shoulder."

The quarterback took a resounding hit from Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth during Friday's exhibition game — and while Belichick is keeping mum, a source close to the team told The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper that there is "no reason for hysteria" because "there are not any concerns at this time."

The source also indicated that common sense led the coaching staff to hold Brady out of the second half of the 27-24 win: "If it's sore, there is no sense in going out and antagonizing it."

The news certainly comes as a relief to a suddenly panicked Patriot Nation, which watched Brady endure a season-ending injury in the first quarter of New England's first game of 2008.

Before taking the hit, Brady played six series and went 12-for-19 with 150 yards and two touchdowns. At the end of the second half, the 6-foot-6, 350-pound Haynesworth drove him into the ground shoulder-first and landed on top of him. Brady returned to the sidelines briefly in the second half before heading back to the locker room for the majority of the game.

At the time, the injury was deemed a "sore shoulder," and Belichick told reporters after the game that the decision to remove Brady was a "football decision" and had little to do with the hit from Haynesworth. He also added that Brady will not play against the Giants on Thursday.

Should Brady need to miss time during the regular season, Belichick is still uncertain as to who would replace him under center.

"I think that is a position, with Matt [Cassel, the former backup] not here, that is now a competitive situation and we're evaluating it with all three players," the coach told the Globe. "It's an ongoing process."

The three options at backup quarterback are Kevin O'Connell — the likely choice — Andrew Walter and Brian Hoyer.

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