Bill Belichick has three rings under his belt as the head coach of the Patriots, but on Monday he brought in another world champion to talk to his team.

Celtics head coach Doc Rivers addressed the Patriots as part of an NFL-sponsored like-skills presentation, and Belichick described Rivers' talks as "one of the best presentations that we have heard."

"He was awesome and talked about a lot of things that he had dealt with and experienced through his career, from not making the basketball team in the fifth grade – or whatever it was – to being an All-American in high school, to going to college [at Marquette], to being a point guard in the NBA, to having some injuries he had to deal with, losing championship games as a player to winning them as a coach," Belichick said.

"[Rivers] gave a lot of personal insight into his attitude and his approach as a player, as a coach, as a broadcaster and all the things he learned along the way. It was tremendous. I think every coach and every player there gained a lot of insight and took things out of it that can help us personally, each one of us."

Kathryn Tappen sat down with Belichick on Tuesday to discuss the Rivers' presentation, and her interview with the coach can be seen on the Wednesday and Thursday editions of SportsDesk.