Ex-Patriot Rodney Harrison Unamused By Kerry Rhodes

Just when you thought Kerry Rhodes was done — and just when you thought the retired  Rodney Harrison was done, too — they’re both up to their old tricks again. Via Twitter, of course.

Rhodes began a war by telling the media that he wanted his Jets to “embarrass” New England this Sunday because he’s sick of losing to his division rival and wants his team to make a statement. The Jets have lost eight straight to the Patriots at home.

Harrison then ripped the Jets safety on ESPN-1050 Radio on Friday, saying “I respect Kerry Rhodes as a playmaker but he’s not a tough guy. OK, I’ve seen him turn down tackles many a time. As far as him talking about them wanting to embarrass us, I can understand that. But let’s stay a little humble. Because when you start talking like that you really set yourself up to put all the pressure [on the Jets].”

Of course, Rhodes promptly struck back, Tweeting, “I’m detecting a lil jealousy from [Harrison] he must wish he was playing 2morrow. My talent outweights his ask belichick.”

Rhodes also said that if Patriots quarterback Tom Brady feels pressured, he doesn’t expect him to step into his throws for fear of someone going after his surgically-repaired knee. Harrison believes that  is an indication that the Jets plan to play dirty.

“Now I’m not the smartest guy and I don’t have a Ph. D. but if I read a little deeper into that, it means they’re going to go after Tom Brady’s knees,” Harrison said.

Rhodes’ response? A tweet. “[Harrison] see and that’s my point i never ever said anything about hitting his knees! lol r u serious you know i don’t play that way!”

So will the Jets live up to Rhodes’ promise or will the Patriots use his words to fuel their fire?

“You don’t talk like that,” Harrison said. “Some nerve of this guy to come out and really say that. He’s going to have to back it up.”