The Giants escaped Dallas with a 33-31 win on Sunday, but that didn't stop them from complaining about some allegedly dirty play by Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams.

Adams tripped Giants defensive end Justin Tuck in the first half, prompting the Pro Bowler into an early exit because of a shoulder injury. Now, according to, New York is crying foul.

"It's something he always does and he gets away with it and he continues to do it," Tuck said of the trip, adding that it was a "bush" move.

Seconded Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka, "From being out there and seeing the quick replays, it looked like a pretty bad play. Guys get beat and they have to do anything to save their quarterback, but that is not an excuse."

Tuck underwent tests on Monday to evaluate the extent of the damage; the results have not yet been released, but Tuck doesn't expect to miss Sunday's matchup against Tampa Bay.

As for Adams, he's not all that concerned about the Giants' smack talk. In fact, he's not even quite sure what it all means.

"I never heard of that before," he said of the term "bush." "I'm curious. What is it?"

Adams then insisted he didn't even know Tuck was hurt on the play in question.

"A shoulder injury?" he asked. "From a supposed kick? Tell him to stay up. It ain't my fault."

Dirty play or not, all of the drama will certainly add to the excitement when the two rivals meet again in New York on Dec. 6.