How to Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day
True or false: International Talk Like a Pirate Day actually exists.

Answer: True. Shocking, but true.

In Pittsburgh, it’s easy to figure out how to talk like a Pirate, according to NESN’s Tom Caron. It means getting people to feel bad for you because you are in the midst of your 17th consecutive losing season and hoping the pity will net you some free Steelers tickets.

But what does talking like a pirate mean when you’re in Boston? That’s what Ramiro is for.

NESN sent Ramiro out on the streets to celebrate the little-known holiday, and he found that talking like a pirate means little more than saying “Arrrrrrrr” and “wench” frequently, adopting a mild adaptation of an Irish accent and discussing the Red Sox while wearing an eye patch.

He also polled the Nation to find out which Red Sox would make the best pirate, and while the answers were varied, few realized that Jason Bay may be the best fit.

Which member of Major League Baseball would Red Sox fans most like to see walk the plank? You’ll just have to watch to find out.