Bruins Hope to Find the Spark They Need in Dallas The Bruins have struggled in the early going this season, and they’re hoping that a road trip will help them build the kind of chemistry necessary for success.

What better way to get things back on the right track than facing the team that helped bring about one of last year’s defining moments?

Last season, when Boston faced Dallas, they needed a wake-up call, and they got it in the form of a 5-1 victory over the Stars on Nov. 1. Prior to that game, the Bruins were 4-6. After the win, they embarked on a remarkable 24-3 run that lasted through December.

“The guys kind of took that game as a momentum-builder,” Patrice Bergeron told NESN’s Naoko Funayama on Thursday’s edition of SportsDesk. “I thought we really played as a team and we all stepped up for each other and it was a great game.”

Now, the Bruins are hoping that Friday’s matchup against the Stars ignites a similar spark in this 2-3 team.

“We weren’t having the success before that game that we had after that game,” Bergeron said. “We weren’t playing the same way and I thought it turned our season around last year. This year, we have that opportunity.”

You can watch Naoko’s full interview with Bergeron here: