The scariest sight this Halloween may not be a ghost, ghoul or goblin. It may be a hockey player.

Specifically, it could be a member of the Montreal Canadiens, who will bring back their “Barber Shop” jerseys for Saturday night’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The team made the announcement on its official Twitter page.

The Canadiens wore the jerseys last February against the Bruins in an extraordinarily physical contest against their rivals.

The letters “CAC” on the front of the jersey stand for “Canadian Athletic Club” and the jerseys were worn in the 1912-13 season. Their effect on the opposition — or at least to Shawn Thornton — seems fairly legitimate.

“I was really concerned about it in warmup,” Thornton told The Associated Press after the game last season. “When there were 23 guys skating around, I was dizzy and I didn’t know if I got enough sleep or what. It wasn’t as bad once there were five guys out there.”