Junior Seau Awaiting Bill Belichick’s Call


Junior Seau Awaiting Bill Belichick's Call Ran into one of our old friends the other day in downtown Boston. You remember Junior Seau? Well, he hasn’t forgotten about the Patriots.

Seau was in town to promote his new television series on Versus called Sports Jobs — he served as the Washington Capitals equipment manager for Thursday’s opener against the Bruins — but ended up going to great lengths to promote the fact that he’s still interested in the linebacker job that he held for 19 NFL seasons.

“The number won’t change,” said Seau of his cell phone, which sits in his pocket these days just waiting for Bill Belichick to call it.

“The only time I won’t answer is if I’m in the water.”

As Seau says this, I look down at his bare feet stretched out in front of our camera.  You can take the boy from the beach, but you’ll never take the beach out of the boy, I guess.

The same goes for the football. While Seau has had less time for surfing this fall, shooting episodes of his new show for Versus (which debuts this December), he confirmed that his schedule will free up by mid-October. You know, just in case.

“It’s amazing how that worked out,” he added with a wry smile.

Of course, the Patriots could use the help at linebacker, with Jerod Mayo still out with a knee injury. The question is, though, can a 40-year-old Seau still be effective in the NFL? 

Here’s betting if the situation calls for it, Belichick won’t hesitate to find out.

Four downs: Ravens (3-0) at Patriots (2-1), 1 p.m.
First: Not your average Joe

The more prolific quarterback heading into this matchup has been … drum roll, please … Joe Flacco? Sure, the fact that Flacco (six touchdowns, 101.7 quarterback rating) has outperformed Tom Brady (three touchdowns, 79.9 quarterback rating) has plenty to do with the Patriots’ offense still finding its sync. But this just in: Joe Flacco is pretty good.  Consider the Pats’ patchy (but still productive) defense on notice.

Second: Seeing red
With Brady struggling, the Patriots have been agonizingly ineffective inside the red zone, where they have converted just four touchdowns in 13 trips. 

Third: Moss hurting? 
The Patriots’ wideout disclosed to the Boston Herald’s top-notch reporter Karen Guregian that his back was bothering him during last Sunday’s win over the Falcons.  Randy Moss still managed 116 yards on 10 catches.

Fourth: Quote the Raven
Never have the Ravens beaten the Patriots (0-4) in regular-season play. That stat is getting tossed around like it’s about to be broken.

Forward progress
Brett Favre – to – Greg Lewis:
Who knew?

Fred Taylor: Doesn’t it seem like he picks up an extra yard or two just by falling forward when he’s tackled? The guy just knows how to run the ball.

Detroit Lions: Upset the Redskins, snapping 19-game losing streak. Well, it’s about damn time.

Down and out
The Skins:
Needing a touchdown for the win from Detroit’s 35-yard line, the Redskins’ Jason Campbell opts for the underneath route to set up the ole “hook and lateral” play.  Because that usually works. What, can Campbell not throw more than 30 yards downfield? And is there any doubt now that Jim Zorn will be the first head coach fired this season?

Michael Crabtree: The 49ers’ rookie holdout is called out by Hall of Famer Jim Brown, who told Sirius Radio that Crabtree needs to “get his butt in camp.”

Derek Anderson: Throws three picks in relief of Brady Quinn against Ravens and “earns” the starting job because coach Eric Mangini saw some things in him. Granted, D.A. is the better choice (he was a 2007 Pro Bowler) but not based on that effort.

Fantasy fix
I think I’m going to start Matt Schaub over Philip Rivers this week. Schaub is playing the Raiders, and has seven touchdowns to one interception this season. On the flip side, Houston’s defense is just dreadful. If you have Darren McFadden, he may just go off against the league’s lowest-ranked defense.

Film room
Congratulations go out to the Buffalo Bills beat writers, who, in their unabashed attempt to stoke a simmering Terrell Owens after last Sunday’s loss, managed to make me feel something I’ve never felt before: sympathy for T.O.

It was a shameful performance by the assembled Bills media, trying to bait the Bills’ wideout into a postgame tirade.  What, not enough excitement in Buffalo these days?  For a change, Owens tried to take the high road.

Still, this just can’t end well for T.O.

Pick ‘em
Redskins over Bucs:
Or else, Jim Zorn …

Bengals over Browns: Cincy is riding high after stunning Steelers.

Titans over Jags: Because they must.

Texans over Raiders: Have I mentioned my love for Matt Schaub?

Bears over Lions: It was fun while it lasted, Detroit.

Colts over Seahawks: Seattle, who got drunk and approved those green unis?

Giants over Chiefs:
Pick this 10 times out of 10.

Saints over Jets:
I think the J-E-T-S are due.

Dolphins over Bills: Is it possible that T.O. has lost a step?  How ‘bout two?

Cowboys over Broncos: Reality check for Josh McDaniels.

49ers over Rams: But without Frank Gore?

Steelers over Chargers: Pittsburgh is tough at home, even without a running game.

Packers over Vikings: Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback right now.

Last week: 11-4

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