Live Blog: Bruins vs. Oilers Final, Bruins 2-0: Claude Julien gets his 100th win with the Bruins, as the B's hang on for the 2-0 win against the Oilers.

The Bruins certainly outplayed the Oilers from start to finish and were the better team on Saturday. After not being able to score for the first 40 minutes, the Bruins found the back of the net twice in the third to seal the deal in what would have been a devastating loss had they not produced on offense.

Two more points in the standings for the Bruins with a Sunday matinee at MSG against the Rangersup next. With four games in the next seven days, the Bruins needed to take this game at home and they were successful. Now it's a matter of playing this way consistently from here on out.

Thanks to everyone who followed along and read the live blog on Saturday. Come back Sunday for the highly-anticipated Bruins-Rangers matchup from Manhattan.

Third period, 3:43, Bruins 2-0: And the Oilers don't deserve to win. The Oilers get a too many men penalty on the PP with 52 seconds left on the man advantage. That will do it for the Oilers here.

Third period, 4:52, Bruins 2-0: Instead of playing out the final five minutes, the Bruins give the Oilers one last chance to mount a comeback. Bergeron gets called for hooking and the Oilers will go on the PP.

Third period, 7:33, Bruins 2-0: The Bruins have taken full control of the game, and it wouldn't be outrageous to say this game is over. The Oilers have mounted zero offense at all.

Third period, 10:35, Bruins 2-0: Now you know why Thornton's six goals last season were a career-high. A chance to make it 3-0 and Thornton just fans on the puck in the crease.

Third period, 12:58, Bruins 2-0: Wheeler and Sobotka came to play. The duo has combined for of the Bruins' goal, and another nifty pass, this time from Wheeler. A 2-0 lead against the Oilers seems like 5-0.

Third period, 17:13, Bruins 1-0: The Oilers defense fell asleep at the top of the crease and Wheeler was able to get behind them  bang home a pass from Sobotka on Khabibulin's short side.

The devastating upset looks dead for now.

Second intermission, 0-0: The Bruins haven't been able to buy a goal for the first 40 minutes, and that will need to change in the third if they want those two points.

The third period should bring some excitement if the two teams can match the tempo from the first and second period.

1. Get the first goal
This one might sound a little obvious, but it's true. This game has played directly into the hands of the Oilers. They are clearly an inferior opponent playing on the road, but through two periods they have the Bruins right where they went them. The Oilers are waiting to pounce on a Boston mistake, and if they can get the first goal, they can hang on through the third.

2. Keep up the pressure
The last 30 seconds of the second period was the most pressure the B's have had all game, and nearly led to a goal. The Bruins need the same intensity and urgency right from the opening face-off in the third.

3. High and off the glass
The Bruins have gotten a little fancy on their breakout, and the Oilers are just waiting at the top of the blue for a defensive-zone turnover to create a difficult situation for Rask. The B's need to use their heads and get the puck out of the zone along the board, and not up the middle of the ice.

Second period, 0:00: Scratch that lost thought. The Bruins took over for the final 30 seconds and played rebound with Khabibulin in front. Sobotka ripped one top corner, but the horn had sounded. Still scoreless.

Second period, 1:21: The ice has tilted in favor of the Oilers over the last minute of the second after the Bruins failed to capitalize on several chances.

Second period, 4:51: There was almost the turnover that the Oilers needed to get on the board. Rask got a piece of it with his glove to keep the shutout alive, but the B's can't be happy with the score since they have dominated the play.

Second period, 11:26: The Bruins have owned the tempo and the control of the second period, but still have nothing to show for it. This game has had a weird vibe to it through the first 30 minutes of play, and it seems like the Bruins are just snake bitten right now. This is the type of game the Oilers could come away with a win on a turnover after being greatly outplayed.

Second period, 14:12: The fourth line is showing the most life in the second, and putting together the best shifts by far. Great work by Thornton and Bitz on their last shift.

Second period, 17:19: The Bruins have the first man advantage of the game, and the first chance to get on the board. Lets' see if their PP struggles stayed home on Halloween.

First intermission, 0-0: The Bruins failed to take advantage of some scoring chances in the first, despite some odd-man rushes. In the second, it will need to be a different story to keep them from trailing the Oilers.

Here are some keys for the next 40 minutes of hockey at the Garden.

1. Set something up
It's hard not to think the Bruins are better team, now they have to play like it. The B's need to get some cycling going or get something set up along the half-wall and create some offense.

2. Limit the turnovers
There have been a few scary moments for the B's so far with some lazy turnovers in their own zone and in the neutral zone. The Oilers have yet to make them pay for their mistakes, but that doesn't mean they won't eventually.

3. Shoot the puck
I'm sure the fans at the Garden have been yelling it all game, but the B's are getting too fancy on offense. One too many passes over the blue are turning into turnovers rather than scoring chances. The Bruins need to stop looking for the extra pass or the highlight-reel goals and just put the puck on net. Good things will happen.

First period, 0:00: A very fast-paced period, and a very fast period. Both teams have had control of the game at times, but neither has come up with a true quality scoring chance.

First period, 1:15: Ference just had a chance to put the B's on the board first with the net pretty much wide open. But instead of making an accurate shot, he took a bomb that looked like he was trying to shoot it through the boards.

First period, 2:39: The Bruins are breaking open some odd-man rushes, but nothing doing for their efforts so far. The offense hasn't been able to keep possession inside the Oilers' zone, which is too bad because the Oilers are running around their own zone, and their wings look to be fleeing the zone early.

First period, 7:12: Ference and Morris have both made sloppy turnovers in the last few minutes, but luckily for them they didn't come back to hurt the team.

Offensively the Bruins are getting a little too fancy once they get over the blue and look to be making too many passes. The B's are giving up the chance to get a lot of shots on net.

First period, 11:15: This game is on pace to break some records for time. The pace has been excellent so far with pressure from both sides. The Oilers' forecheck looks a lot better than anticipated, and they are doing a solid job below the hash with some impressive puck movement in the B's zone.

First period, 14:30: There were just no whistles for the first 5:30 of the game. Apparently the Bruins and Oilers have some Halloween plans since they almost just got to the first TV timeout without a stoppage.

12:53 p.m.: Tuukka Rask will get the start between the pipes, while NESN's Andy Brickley will be sitting between the benches at ice level.

11:18 a.m.: The Bruins look to get back in the win column as they host the Oilers for the teams' one and only meeting this year.

The Bruins won their only game against Edmonton last season in a 1-0 overtime victory. In that game, Dennis Wideman scored the game-winning goal 3:18 into the overtime period and Tim Thomas earned one of his five shutouts.

We'll have all the latest news and updates before, during and after the game, which begins at 1 p.m., so be sure to check in with the live blog all day.