Oliver Wahlstrom Tallies Dazzling TD Bank Mini 1-on-1 Goal With all due respect to goalkeepers everywhere, no one would have stood a chance against Oliver Wahlstrom and his whirling goal in TD Bank’s Mini 1-on-1 challenge.

The Portland (Maine) Junior Pirates‘ Pee Wee Majors forward unleashed one of the most incredible goals any ice surface will see this winter, no matter the skill level or league.

Wahlstrom skated right at the unsuspecting goalie and as he entered the high slot, the skilled sniper propped the puck up on his blade before swirling clockwise and whipping a backhanded, lacrosse-style shot that beat the motionless goalie on his stick-side.

The goal came during the filming of the TD Bank Mini 1-on-1 which debuts Oct. 29 during the first intermission of the Bruins-Devils game on NESN.

Below is the video footage of Wahlstrom’s whirling goal: