Report: Matt Holliday Prefers Yankees, Mets Over Red Sox


Oct 19, 2009

Report: Matt Holliday Prefers Yankees, Mets Over Red Sox With the future of Boston's left field still far from being determined, the Red Sox need to assess their options.

So, too, does Matt Holliday.

The outfielder, along with Jason Bay, tops the list of free agents available this winter, but according to one source, his eyes are set on New York.

"According to a person in the loop, Matt Holliday's top choices in free agency are: 1) Yankees; and 2) Mets," Ken Davidoff wrote on "The Oklahoma native is apparently not intimidated by New York."

Despite Holliday's wishes, Davidoff forecasts some potential hangups to Holliday going to New York. He says the Yankees may be more careful with their spending after last year's signings of CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett. He also says that hitting in Citi Field, which had the 22nd-ranked park factor in the majors, could be an issue for Holliday.

The Cardinals could also make a strong push for Holliday, who hit .353 with 13 homers with St. Louis before his costly gaffe in Game 2 of the NLDS. Given his warm reception from Cardinals fans in Game 3, it seems the city is willing to forgive the error.

Holliday also could just be making the smart move, knowing that the Yankees ($201 million) and Mets ($135 million) spent the most money in the majors this year, and involving them will undoubtedly drive up his price.

Whatever that price may be, the Red Sox will still be involved if Bay signs elsewhere, whether Holliday likes it or not. Chances are, if the Red Sox are the highest bidder, he probably won't mind.

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