Since the Nordiques took off for Colorado, Quebec City has been without an NHL team. But according to a report from the French-language television network LCN, that could all change.

Régis Labeaume, the mayor of Quebec City, and Marcel Aubet, the former owner of the Nordiques, met with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Friday in New York City to discuss the possibility of a new NHL team in Quebec City.

Amid rumors that a new arena is set to take the place of the old Colisée in Quebec City Labeaume and Aubut met with Bettman regarding the idea of putting a new NHL in a new building in the hockey-deprived city. Bettman has said in the past that a new arena in the city would help the process of creating a new franchise in the city.

Labeaume said the meeting with Bettman was very positive, but did not elaborate on the details.