ALAMEDA, Calif. — Richard Seymour says Giants
linebacker Antonio Pierce should worry more about his defense than criticizing
the Raiders.

After New York beat Oakland 44-7 on Oct. 11, Pierce said
playing the Raiders felt like a scrimmage. The Giants then lost 48-27 to New
Orleans last week.

"They got what they deserved this week," Seymour said
Wednesday. "I'm not sure how many points the Saints scored on them, but if I'm
not mistaken, it was half a hundred points. So, I think he got enough to chew on
himself with that."

The Raiders responded to the barbs by beating New York's
NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, 13-9 last week.

Seymour also said in a radio interview with 1530 Homer in
Cincinnati that the Raiders (2-4) will make the playoffs this season.