Should Red Sox Fans Root for Yankees in World Series? A strange thing happened as the entirety of the Red Sox' fan base prepared Wednesday afternoon to cheer on the Phillies in the World Series: They were told to root for the Yankees.

The seemingly unfathomable suggestion was made by Boston Globe writer and frequent NESN guest Tony Massarotti, and it's causing quite a stir.

So should Red Sox fans cheer on the Yankees in their quest for championship No. 27?

No. Unequivocally no. Absolutely, unmistakably, positively, indubitably and rather obviously — no.

A Red Sox fan rooting for the Yankees is the antithesis of the rivalry — a rivalry that, despite Massarotti's claim, is as alive as ever.

"Let us all acknowledge that the Red Sox have started to grow a little stale," Mazz wrote. "Many of us have grown complacent, if not downright spoiled. … Be honest with yourselves, folks. The fire is not burning quite as hot as it once did."

If he's suggesting that watching the Yankees spray more champagne on each other would somehow rekindle a lost flame, he's wrong. The flame never stopped burning. That fire burned brightly when Brad Penny plunked Alex Rodriguez at Fenway. The rivalry was alive and well when fans in the Bronx hooted and hollered their Yankees to winning eight of the last nine games against the Red Sox this year. It was there when the Yankees clinched the AL East with the Red Sox in the visitors' clubhouse.

And you can bet that when Jonathan Papelbon came in that Sunday afternoon at Fenway and let a lead slip away, Yankee fans weren't exactly upset.

The entire concept of Red Sox fans rooting for the Yankees is just not right. It borders on being unconstitutional.

If you love the Red Sox, you hate the Yankees.

For this week, that means you'll have to love the Phillies.