Tom Brady Reveals One of Bill Belichick's Coaching Secrets The duo of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady in New England has been good. Remarkably good. Historically good.

Nobody questions Belichick's football knowledge, yet nobody on the outside fully understands just what makes him the Hall of Fame coach that he is.

As it turns out, one of his most effective tactics is embarrassment.

In an appearance on Patriots All Access, Brady explained the process known as "Bill Bashing."

"Randy [Moss] calls it 'YouTubed,'" Brady said. "We have practice on a Wednesday or a Thursday, and there you are the next morning on the big screen. He calls it “You Tubed.” You get in there pretty excited on a Wednesday morning or a Thursday morning, and then there are 30 plays of myself and Randy and Wes [Welker] going ‘What do you guys thing you’re doing here? This is you know what…’ and using a lot of words I can’t use here."

Brady said the embarrassment only fuels him and his teammates to perform better the next time around.

"He’s tough on us, and I think it’s for a reason," Brady said of his coach. "He always has a purpose in what he does and he’s a very smart man and he’s a great coach. He’s just trying to motivate us to be the best we can be.'

Brady also detailed his preparation for games — a process that Belichick always tries to match.

"Coach Belichick is as detailed a coach as you’ve ever seen in the NFL, so I know that my preparation has to match his and I think I really enjoy that part of that relationship," Brady said. "I’m always trying to find new ways to prepare and prepare better, but I’ve learned a lot of great lessons from him over the years."