Top 10 Boston Sports-Related Halloween Costumes


October 21, 2009

Top 10 Boston Sports-Related Halloween Costumes Going to a Halloween party or just trick-or-treating? Well if so, you might as well go as one of the icons in Boston sports.

There will be enough gangster costumes and firemen and freak shows to go around this Halloween, so why not do your best to impersonate some of Beantown's most relished sports figures?

If you ever wanted to play for the Celtics or Red Sox, or even pretend to be the mascot of your favorite team, now is the chance. And we have made it easy for you by giving you the ingredients needed to make the perfect costume to become a Halloween hit.

10. Pat the Patriot
If you have trouble finding a costume of a Revolutionary War soldier, you could probably just give a tour guide in Faneuil Hall a little something for the effort. And once you have the uniform, all you need is a football and the ability to stay in a three-point stance for the entire night. Then you can bring Pat the Patriot to life and intimidate everyone around you for all of Halloween.

9. Milan Lucic?s fight victims
You won?t be a Boston sports figure for this costume, but you will be someone that a Boston athlete beat within an inch of his life. A Chris Neil jersey, Jay Harrison jersey or Mike Komisarek jersey will do, as will a lot of red makeup on your face and some fake stitches. If you are really trying to get into character, break your nose to one side and acquire a pair of shiners.

8. Lucky the Celtics Mascot
Not many people are small enough to be the Celtics? mascot. Then again, not many people are willing to fly through the Garden air after taking off on a trampoline from half court. But if you can find a glimmering gold vest, oversized bow tie and hat with shamrocks on it, you could definitely pull off Lucky. And if you are willing to perform circus-like antics, you could probably parlay your Halloween hit into an actual job.

7. Tim Thomas
Last season's Vezina winner made a name for himself by going against the grain and adapting his own style of play. You'll have to do the same to pull this one off. Some goalie equipment (mainly leg pads) are needed to become Tim Thomas, and something closely resembling the hideous mask he wears — the one that makes Kelly Hrudey cringe — would help. But the key to this Halloween dandy happens when you ring a neighbor?s doorbell or show up at the holiday party. That is when you become Thomas and start flopping around on the ground like a fish, stacking the pads and rolling over relentlessly. If your friends can yell ?Save by Thomas? repeatedly throughout the night, that would be a plus.

6. Vince Wilfork
If you are willing to sacrifice all the pillows on your bed, your roommate?s bed or all of your siblings and parents? beds, then you could become the Patriots? Pro Bowl nose tackle. You are also going to need a No. 75 Patriots jersey. But once you can fit the jersey onto your newly acquired 325-pound frame, you can begin to sack everyone that comes near you for their candy or alcoholic beverages.

5. Terry Francona
A pair of glasses and a completely shaved head will put you on the right track to becoming the Red Sox manager. And a Red Sox jacket completely covering your jersey along with some white baseball pants will be adequate. But to fully become the man calling the shots for the Red Sox, you are going to need to drink Bigelow green tea for hours and refer to everyone by a shortened version of their first or last name. Then you are capable of filling out Boston?s lineup card.

4. Jerry Remy
This one would help if you could get a Don Orsillo look-alike to accompany you, and another friend who can bring a large cheese pizza and throw it at others. Then you and Don could laugh about the incident all night and continue to relive the moment. A mustache and microphone would help make you recognizable, and as soon as everyone realizes who you are, they will love you. And to top it off, you and Don could do the color and play-by-play for the entire party.

Costumed Don: Welcome back to the party. Don Orsillo alongside Jerry Remy as we head into the 1 a.m. hour. We stepped aside for a brief moment as the host came into the kitchen to change kegs since the previous one obviously had nothing left in the tank tonight.

Costumed Jerry: This call to the fridge is brought to you by Miller Lite. Good call!

Costumed Don: Well, Jerry, it looks like the host is going to have to leave this keg in for the remainder of the night, as he used up all of his other resources earlier. Things could get ugly if this one can?t do the job.

Costumed Jerry: You?re right, Don. I?m not sure what the host was thinking tapping into his fridge so early in the night. It seems like he might have overmanaged his beer supply a little bit. This final keg won?t have any cup count limits and will be used until it has nothing left.

3. Kevin Youkilis
You're going to need to appear bald for this one, so fully shaving your head will do the trick. And you will also need to grow some interesting looking facial hair around your mouth, and be able to stand in an unorthodox-looking batting stance for extended periods of time. But the real key to this costume is carrying a bucket of water with you and complete dousing yourself with it every 15 minutes just to make sure your replica sweat doesn?t dry up.
2. Brian Scalabrine
For this costume, I recommend not going outside from now until Halloween because any amount of sunlight might give you some color, and since you will want to sort of look like Ronald McDonald, sunlight won?t help you. Already having curly red hair would go a long way toward pulling off the Scal costume, but some red hair dye and a green headband will work just as well. Put on a No. 44 Celtics jersey, and you are able to pull off the perfect costume for any Celtics fan.

1. Zdeno Chara
You won't need to be 6-foot-7 or Slovakian to pull off being the captain of the B's. In fact, you won't need much of anything to imitate the reigning Norris Trophy winner. All you need is to be able to pose and flex … with no clothes on.

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