Allen Iverson Has Chance to Be Temporary Answer for Knicks


Allen Iverson Has Chance to Be Temporary Answer for Knicks Things could be worse for the Knicks. They could be the Nets.

Sitting at 1-9, one game better than the Nets, the Knicks are just hoping to keep their loyal fan base around until the summer when hopefully LeBron James or Dwyane Wade or someone with elite talent can come save the sinking ship. Until then, Allen Iverson might have to do.

After parting ways with the Grizzlies following a three-game stint, The Answer is in the mix to be the latest superstar with baggage to try his luck on Broadway. According to the New York Daily News, Knicks president Donnie Walsh confirmed that the team is debating whether or not to sign the former league MVP.

And if you're the Knicks, why not?

Right now the only thing Knicks fans have going for them is the Daily News' countdown clock on their Web site that counts down the remaining days until LeBron becomes a free agent. The number is at 225 in case you were wondering.

The Knicks are off to their worst start in franchise history, and have only allowed fewer than 100 points in one game. So for those of you worried about A.I. ruining team chemistry, don't be.

Some view this potential transaction as a potential disaster that will only set the franchise back even farther. But that's not the case. If the Knicks are to sign Iverson, it would be to a deal for the remainder of this season. Therefore he would have no impact on the future of the team, or their much-anticipated spending spree that is set to take place once that 225-day clock expires.

There are very few jobs on the Knicks that are safe after this season,
as the front office is prepared to do whatever it takes to clear salary
and make a run at the big-name free agents. And signing Iverson to a
deal through the rest of the 2009-10 won't effect their plans for the
future, and certainly can't hurt the team's success this year.

Iverson will most certainly command a great deal of media attention, which won't necessarily be a bad thing since the team's attention is currently focused around it's abysmal record. Even though his mood will sway with his playing time, there is really no reason for him to have limited minutes, considering the team's talent level won't exactly hold the 34-year-old from getting in games.

Playing for 2010-11 has been the Knicks' plan since Walsh and Mike D'Antoni took over control of the team, and that goal won't be changed with the addition of a troublesome star. But at 1-9 it's time the team does something for the franchise and its fans for this season, and Allen Iverson is the answer for the Knicks for 2009-10.

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