Breakfast Blend: Women’s Soccer Game Gets Physical


November 6, 2009

Breakfast Blend: Women's Soccer Game Gets Physical

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Photo of the day
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Breakfast Blend: Women's Soccer Game Gets Physical

Comment of the day
Crazed Yankee fans were out in full force on Thursday, but by the looks of it, a number of them were stuck at their computers. was not immune from the rash of joyous posts from Yankee fans, drawing the ire of many Red Sox fans. One person, known only as “Miller,” had enough.

“Wow Wilson, spoken like the truly unintelligent moron that you are. I guess to keep pace with the 27 championships the yankees now have, you chose to throw in 27 gramatical and spelling errors in the 12 lines of text you chose to write. Good job…at least you can count!”
–Miller (who we’ll give a pass for misspelling “grammatical”)

Video of the day
Anyone who’s ever stood on the sidelines of a collegiate women’s soccer game has probably walked away impressed. It’s a gutty game, and it takes a high-caliber athlete to put in a solid 90-minute effort.

Yet when sports fans woke up Friday morning and put on SportsCenter, they likely wondered why the show was playing highlights from a women’s soccer game. It didn’t take long to find out.

(Don’t let the words “cat fighting” in the video title mislead you. These girls — specifically Elizabeth Lambert of New Mexico — essentially go Kimbo Slice on each other.)

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