Johnny Damon Won’t Give Yankees a Discount


Johnny Damon Won't Give Yankees a Discount In the wake of the World Series win, the Yankees loved Johnny Damon, and Johnny Damon loved the Yankees. It was a marriage that couldn't — and shouldn't — come to an abrupt end, both parties thought.

Just a week has passed, but Damon and agent Scott Boras are already over the honeymoon and are ready to talk business. That business, according to a report by Joel Sherman in the the New York Post, won't give any discounts to the Yankees.

Sherman wrote that Boras "hardly sounded like Damon was going to be a short-term bargain for the Yankees. Instead, he compared his client to Derek Jeter and sounded an awful lot like someone who expects a three- or four-year deal for Damon."

For the record, Jeter will earn $21 million in 2010.

Boras told Sherman that Damon's success in the lineup helped enable Jeter to be so successful. Boras also claimed that the 36-year-old Damon, who's run into his fair share of center-field walls in his career, has "the body of a 30-year-old."

Boras has already gone on the record and said that he believes Damon will cement his Hall of Fame resume over the next few seasons.

"Basically he's got four years to [reach 3,000 hits]," Boras told the New York Daily News in October. "You get to 3,000 hits with a [World Series] ring on your finger, and you pretty much get the red carpet."

He now has two rings on his fingers, but if that red carpet costs the Yankees $40 million, it's unlikely it will be rolled out in New York.

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