Life Isn’t Fair For 76ers Guard Andre Iguodala


Life Isn't Fair For 76ers Guard Andre Iguodala All seems to be right in the universe once again, as the Celtics became the first Boston-area professional team to win a game since last Wednesday. Unfortunately, the stars didn’t align for the Sixers’ Andre Iguodala.

He may have won the game, but he appears to have lost his arm to the Bobcats’ Gerald Wallace — and it doesn’t look like he got the call for it. Sometimes, these things happen.

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Life Isn't Fair For 76ers Guard Andre Iguodala

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All anybody in Red Sox Nation wants to talk about is whether Jason Bay will be in Boston next year — or whether he’ll opt to test greener pastures, perhaps in New York or San Francisco. While many fans can’t understand why Bay would ever want to leave the team that thrust him into the MLB spotlight, there are a select few who sympathize with his position.

“No mess, stop messin’. Or as they say in Tijuana, ‘Lighten up, amigo.’ Can ya blame Bay for “shoppin’ around”? If you got a decent job that pays $12.50 an hour and the co-workers are decent, are you gonna NOT talk to the place offering $15 an hour?”
–jay hamlet

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We’ve all seen Peyton Manning try to teach kids how to play football. But what about baseball? With Manning not available, it seems that the little leagues had to resort to … Glove and Bat and Ball.

Innocent or creepy? The jury’s out on this one.

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