Terrell Suggs’ Agent Blasts Brady Quinn for ‘Criminal’ Hit


Terrell Suggs' Agent Blasts Brady Quinn for 'Criminal' Hit After Monday night’s game, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was upset with Brady Quinn for the Browns’ quarterback low hit on Terrell Suggs. Lewis suggested Quinn be fined for his “cheap shot,” and now Suggs’ agent is just as angry as Lewis.

“That cat should be fined as much as anybody is fined that hits the quarterback,” Gary Wichard told National Football Post. “It was blatant. It?s absolutely criminal. It?s about as nasty as it gets.

“[Quinn] had total control and went right for [Suggs’] knee. You can?t call that an accident. It was premeditated.”

The Ravens have not specified how much time Suggs is expected to miss.

“Going at someone?s knee can really have a huge effect on what happens as far as a guy maybe being gone for the year,” Wichard said. “It?s ridiculous. There was no reason to do that.”

Additionally, Wichard wouldn’t accept any excuse from Quinn.

“You’re a quarterback, dude,” he said. “You can’t tackle, so don’t take a shot at his knee. This isn’t going to sit well with a lot of other defensive players. … This guy, Brady, is on the cover of Muscle & Fitness, so take him on like you’re supposed to take him on. It was an illegal play. Nobody is going to give Brady the benefit of the doubt.”

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