Tom Brady Doesn’t Need Bill Belichick’s Tears for Inspiration


Tom Brady Doesn't Need Bill Belichick's Tears for Inspiration Tuesday’s news that first-year Jets coach Rex Ryan cried in front of his team seemed to invoke support from his players, who said seeing how much their coach cared made them care that much more.

So on Wednesday, when the media had access to Bill Belichick, it took one bold reporter to ask the coach if he had ever shed tears in front of his team.

“I’ve coached 35 years, I’ve probably covered most all the bases. I think I swore once, too,” Belichick joked.

Belichick’s quarterback said that crying in front of the team isn’t necessarily what the Patriots need from their coach.

“Every coach has a different style,” Brady said. “It’s an emotional game. I think we all put a lot into it every week. Physically, it’s pretty demanding. Psychologically, in weeks like this, it’s pretty demanding. So you try to convey a message.

“Our coach always conveys a message: The truth. ‘This is how I feel, this is the truth, this is what we need to do.’ I think we always find a way to respond to that.”

Though Belichick spoke in 2005 to coaching with a heavy heart the day after he learned of his father’s death, he kept his composure after two of the most devastating defeats in Patriots history — Super Bowl XLII and the 2006 AFC Championship Game.

Though Belichick’s answer left open the possibility that he’s worn his emotion on his sleeve at least once, Brady said he’s never seen it.

“I can’t ever imagine Coach Belichick doing that in front of us,” Brady said.

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