Adalius Thomas Ready to Move On After Tumultuous Week Last week was last week, says Adalius Thomas. It's time to move on. He's done mocking Bill Belichick's disciplinary methods and he's done showing up late to team meetings.

All he wants to do is play. Perhaps it took missing a game for him to realize that.

The linebacker was ruled inactive for Sunday's 20-10 win over Carolina after he insinuated that Belichick's disciplinary methods were ineffective. He and three teammates were sent home for arriving late for a team meeting on Wednesday. Now, he just wants to forget about it

"We done moved on," Thomas told "Last week is done."

When asked if he is being treated fairly, Thomas simply responded, "Do you want to talk about Buffalo, or do you want to talk about something else? Y'all keep trying to go back to something that's over with."

Earlier this season, Thomas was ruled inactive for a game for non-injury related reasons. Both he and Belichick kept quiet about the circumstances, and now, Thomas seems ready to take a team-first approach as the Patriots charge toward the playoffs.

"This is not a one-man show," Thomas said. "The game will go on with or without you.  That's one thing anyone should realize. It can go on with or without you. You take the good with the bad. You learn from it, you move on. Just like any other week, whether you lose or win, you watch the film, you make your corrections, you move on."