Al Skinner Sends a Message If you want your Boston College basketball team to win at Michigan, it’s going to need some guidance.

Enter Al Skinner.

The longtime BC coach was on his game on Wednesday night, leading the Eagles to a 62-58 win over the Wolverines.

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Al Skinner Sends a Message

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It’s become increasingly clear that while we don’t know exactly what Tiger Woods has been up to for the last, oh, 31 months, we do know it hasn’t been anything good.

In an article about Jesper Parnevik‘s statements against Woods’ behavior, a lengthy discussion broke out in the comments section. One particular user jumped into the discussion, though it’s unclear whether this person intended the message to be sent at Parnevik or the the other commenters.

Let’s just hope it’s not a condemnation of the man in orange pants and funny-looking hat.

“Let he with out sin cast the first stone!!”

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