Carlos Delfino and Ron Artest Practice the Hurdles It takes a special kind of athlete to make it in the NBA. Carlos Delfino and Ron Artest, however, are taking it to a whole different level.

The two were heading toward the hoop on Wednesday night, though it looked more like they were gearing up for a run in the Olympics in a hurdles event. It also kind of looks like Delfino is practicing the little-known event known as “sleepwalking hurdles.”

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Carlos Delfino and Ron Artest Practice the Hurdles

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In case you did not know, it is December. The team that will hold the Larry O’Brien Trophy is still very much undetermined, but writer Liam Martin had some fun on Wednesday in predicting a Celtics-Lakers rematch for the title.

That got quite a few folks up in arms, with a flurry of comments and words like “idiot” and “moron” being thrown around like they’re going out of style.

Fortunately, one reader is interested in keeping the (cyber) peace.

“sheesh! lighten up everyone”

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The official start of winter is Dec. 21, so in honor of the coldest season, here’s a cold lesson for when you’re out on the slopes: Watch your back.

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