Demba Ba Feasts on Foot


Demba Ba Feasts on Foot Many of you might be waking up from last night’s ugly sweater or company holiday party feeling like you got kicked in the face by a professional soccer player.

Well, quit your whining and take an Aspirin because Hoffenheim’s Demba Ba actually did during the German first division Bundesliga soccer match between TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Eintracht Frankfurt in Sinsheim, Germany.

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Demba Ba Feasts on Foot
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Sorry Red Sox fans, the 2010 season is already over. At least that’s what many members of the Nation are saying after Jason Bay reportedly rejected a recent offer from the local nine. According to reader Rick V, next summer is a lost cause.

“Eff ’em. Seriously.
We aren’t going to be challenging for any titles this coming season anyway. 2010, whether the front office intended it or not, is already lost. Jason Bay is not a difference maker. When he’s on a hot streak he’s wonderful. But when his bat disappears you might as well have Dice-K at the plate. And his bat disappeared for 6 crucial weeks in 2009. And he’s a less than average defensive player with only slightly above-average speed. We’ll have a lot of money coming off the books after the 2010 season. Plus, our best minor league prospects should be ready by then (see Lars A and Casey K).
Let some other club make a mistake of giving Bay many millions more than he’s worth.”
–Rick V

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Ok, so the Panthers aren’t the most dangerous team in the NFL but after two straight losses, a few tardy slips, a baby, an arrest, some bruises and a benching, the Patriots might be in some trouble on Sunday afternoon. This looks like a job for: McGyver Cat!

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