Mark Stuart Says Hello to Jamal Mayers


Mark Stuart Says Hello to Jamal Mayers Every once in a while, a hockey fight disappoints. One player slips before anything gets going, the two players head to the box for roughing and the thousands in attendance sit back down, disappointed that nothing really happened.

That took place at the Garden on Thursday night … for a couple minutes anyway. Mark Stuart and Jamal Mayers hopped out of the box after their failed fracas attempt and squared off immediately. From the looks of it, Stuart was pretty happy.

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Mark Stuart Says Hello to Jamal Mayers

Comment of the day
Adalius Thomas spoke to the media Thursday, and it was unclear at first what the public reaction would be. Bill Belichick‘s disciplinary decision was no doubt harsh, but fans seem to generally believe that late is late. One reader in particular is siding with the coach.

“The only difference between yesterday’s practice and the first 12 games of the season is that Thomas and Burgess didn’t show up on game day, Belichick didn’t send them home. Welcome to New England, where a 30 minute commute in July isn’t a 30 minute commute in December.

Alarm clock – $20
Cable subscription with Weather Channel – $45
Leaving 15 minutes early – No cost

28 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 passes defended through 12 games – $6.4 million dollars (not exactly priceless)”

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When the Bruins were struggling, Claude Julien suggested the team needed to score some dirty goals. They did that, but I doubt the coach had a problem with this pretty one.

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