Many people around baseball were under the impression that the market for Matt Holliday was shrinking by the day, but a new team has emerged as a potential contender for landing the free-agent outfielder.

The Orioles are joining the mix, according to a report on The team's "seriousness" and Holliday's desire to play for the Orioles, however, are very much in question, a source told Fox.

Last year, the Orioles were in the conversation surrounding teams pursuing the highly coveted Mark Teixeira, who is a native of Maryland. But the O's — and no other team, for that matter — could match the mammoth offer from the team that plays 180 miles north of Baltimore.

The O's have been busy this week, signing outfielder Garrett Atkins and reliever Mike Gonzalez and sending a scout to watch Aroldis Chapman pitch in Texas on Tuesday.