Steve Stamkos Heads for Safety From the Puck Steve Stamkos is known for his knack for scoring and ability to control the puck. But against the Avalanche that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Stamkos found himself lying across his bench with the puck below him against Colorado, making himself vulnerable to an awkward pose.

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Steve Stamkos Heads for Safety From the Puck

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Red Sox fans seem be torn on the idea of bringing the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera to Boston. After his drinking mishap at the end of the season, the slugger’s personality and social life have been brought into question, and there is no telling what kind of change he could bring to the clubhouse. At least one commenter feels like Cabrera would be a bad influence.

“Do you really want this guy doing the pub crawl thing in beantown?”

–Aaron Boone

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Keith Ballard
is going to have some explaining to do after getting beat for a goal and then trying to take off his own goalie’s head.

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