Tiger Woods Shares January Cover of Golf Digest With Barack ObamaIf Golf Digest had released an issue with Tiger Woods and Barack Obama sharing the cover before Thanksgiving, most Americans wouldn't have noticed. But now it's drawing quite a bit of attention.

Tiger Woods Shares January Cover of Golf Digest With Barack Obama The image portrays Woods as the president's caddy, with the words "10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger" written next to them. Given recent events, it's unlikely the president would want to be taking any advice from Tiger. Inside the magazine, Woods and Obama are described as “two men [who] might have much to talk about, like siblings separated at birth," the London Evening Standard reports. 

The two were never together for a photoshoot, according to the magazine's Web site, which says the image was altered digitally. The cover was completed and sent to press on Nov. 14 — nearly two full weeks before Woods' car accident took place.

The magazine says one of the tips that Obama could take from Tiger is that "Tiger never does anything that would make him ridiculous."

The USA Today reports there's also a complementary list of things that the golfer could learn from the president. Included: "Lighten up," "Crush your foes, not your fans," "Save some for the losers," and "Dial it back a little."

Given the heat that Tiger's been under over the past two weeks, it seems as though he would need more than just advice from Obama to dig himself out of the hole. He may need a presidential pardon.