Tiger Woods Should Chalk Up His Marriage as a Loss In the aftermath of the current Tiger Woods explosion, I find myself asking so many questions.

Now I've been a fan of Tiger since he was a skinny amateur tearing up the junior circuit, and please don't misconstrue my opinion as a knock on the guy, because I still have the utmost respect for the man and what he does on the links. However, this latest situation has been handled all wrong in my opinion.

In my eyes, Tiger would look more convincing if he just chalked up his marriage as a loss. He can still be an attentive father. Let's be honest, his bank account ensures swift travel almost anywhere on the globe. And goodness knows he'll have the resources to take care of those kids forever. But listening to Woods say that he needs to take time to be a better father and husband sounds like a load of garbage to me. For starters, I might find his case more convincing if it had been just one "transgression," but c'mon, this list is too long. To me, he would be more of a man if he admitted his faults and moved on.

I understand the argument that Tiger didn't have much of a childhood while he was growing up, but if he still wanted to live the playboy lifestyle that boys (and lots of men) dream about, then he simply shouldn't have gotten married. He may have been in love with the idea of being married, but not ready to give up single life. Unfortunately for Tiger, you can't have both.  

Not to bring up a sore subject, Boston fans, but look at Derek Jeter: He plays shortstop for the Yankees, collects World Series rings and is a serial dater. And that's acceptable. No one says a word if Jeter has a different Miss Universe contestant in his personal box every night, and if Tiger were an unmarried man, he'd get pretty much the same treatment.

But by trying to repair this relationship, I really think Tiger is doing a disservice to Elin as well as to his two children. This situation may just be beyond repair.

I may be way off target, but it certainly comes across that golf is Tiger's No. 1 priority. And once again, I can't fault the man. Golf is essentially all he's ever known.

Of course, now it's time to play the waiting game. Word on the street has Elin telling Tiger that it's the family or golf. But if I had to guess, I would say that Eldrick will be back in time for the British. We all know that Earl's son hates missing cuts, and he'll want his revenge after things didn't go so well across the pond last year. 

Obviously, the game of golf is a stronger product with Tiger in action. But this season, the PGA and Tiger are both hoping someone will just give them a mulligan.