Jim Leonhard Lays It All on the Line for Jets


Jim Leonhard Lays It All on the Line for Jets It takes a certain kind of player to make it as a safety in the NFL. It’s not that you have to have a screw loose, but you have to play with reckless abandon.

Jim Leonhard shows you Exhibit A.

Head coach Rex Ryan took Leonhard from Baltimore when he went to the Jets, and it paid off on Sunday. Leonhard put a mean hit on Malcolm Floyd, knocking the ball loose. Leonhard lost his helmet on the hit, but that didn’t stop him from diving for the loose ball.

Then the play was reviewed and the call was reversed.

So the Jets didn’t get the ball, but they eventually got the win. And we all now know how tough/crazy Mr. Leonhard can be.

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Jim Leonhard Lays It All on the Line for Jets

Comment of the day

The Colts handled the Ravens with ease on Saturday night. In fact, they’ve pretty much handled everyone that way, save for the two weeks that they used as a partial vacation.

Despite that, one Colts fan thinks the ball should be taken out of Peyton Manning‘s throwing hand and placed in the arms of Joseph Addai and Donald Brown. Because the best way for a team that’s now 15-2 to improve would be to completely change the offensive philosophy.

“YEAH COLTS!They are going all the way and will win the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning seems to get better and better every year and he has some great receivers to throw to. Now if they can just get the running game going, no one will beat them.”

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Perhaps this skier was inspired by the play of Leonhard and wanted to show he was tough too. Or maybe he just doesn’t know how to do a backflip.

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