Lane Kiffin Still Has His Family Behind Him


January 14, 2010

Lane Kiffin Still Has His Family Behind Him Lane Kiffin may now have his dream job, but he burned a lot of bridges to get there.

If one thing’s true though, it’s that blood is definitely thicker than water. Kiffin clearly knows that no matter what, his daughters will have his back — literally.

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Lane Kiffin Still Has His Family Behind Him

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Opinions on what are reasonable expectations for Daisuke Matsuzaka in 2010 vary greatly. Some have already given up hope, while others are expecting a major bounceback season. Put Gerry into the second category.

“Peter Gammons. You’re the man. Thank you for your level headed approach to the game. Daisuke … 2007 rookie, W.S., learning;…….2008 Houdini, 18-3, 2.9, leads in K’s and cardiac incidents for fans and Tito, 4th in Cy Young, unsustainable BB/9 rate?…….2009 MVP of WBC, injured, time alone, rehab, re-negotiated training regimen w. Sox, came back strong. 2010 lean & mean, acculturated, centered, face & honor to regain, a great and motivated pitcher pounding the zone. Incredible defense behind him. 20W? IMO, more likely than not. This rotation could have several Cy candidates duke-ing it out, Daisuke among them.”

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Everyone in Boston remembers the night that Tony Allen blew out his knee while needlessly dunking after the whistle. Since then, everyone’s been waiting to see the explosiveness that T.A. showed coming out of Oklahoma State.

Wednesday night, we all caught a glimpse.

In the words of Mike Gorman, “Whoa!”

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