Live Blog: New Hampshire Takes Down Boston University Final, UNH 4-1: UNH get on the board early on Saturday night, taking the BU crowd out of the game right from the beginning.

UNH was able to extend its lead throughout, never really giving BU a chance to make it a game despite some third period chances.

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Third period, 2:31, UNH 4-1: That will do it as UNH makes it a three-goal game once again on the power play.

Mike Sislo beats Rollheiser on a one-timer from the left circle to all but end the game.

Third period, 3:01, UNH 3-1: BU has taken over control of the game, but now the Terriers are playing against the clock.

It's going to take a pair of quick ones to extend the game, and UNH is doing its best to clear the zone as soon as any trouble starts.

Third period, 7:21, UNH 3-1: BU gets on the board, and now the Terriers are pressuring to make it just a one-goal game. A few chances to cut the two-goal lead in half has the crowd making noise for the first time in a while.

Third period, 11:23, UNH 3-0: Jack Parker's gamble doesn't pay off, but UNH doesn't take advantage of the empty net either. You had to admire Parker's decision there to get his team back in the game rather than hoping for a scoring barrage out of nowhere.

Third period, 14:01, UNH 3-0: There is just under 15 minutes to play and Jack Parker knows this it for BU's chances. Parker has pulled the goalie down 2-0 to make it a 6-on-4 for the Terriers.

Third period, 15:47, UNH 3-0: Frustration is coming out of BU as the Terriers find themselves getting involved in some extracurricular activities in the corners.

Third period, 17:07, UNH 3-0: BU was unable to capitalize on another golden opportunity with the power play to start the period, and instead are now a man down again, as UNH looks to put the game on ice.

Second intermission, UNH 3-0: A few big saves on both ends of the ice over the final two minutes of play.

BU rings one off the post, which leads to a UNH breakaway, but neither team is able to find the back of the net, and it remains a 3-0 UNH lead heading into the third period.

BU will start the third period with 1:33 remaining on the hooking call. A chance for them to get on the board and back into the game.

Second period, 3:27, UNH 3-0: BU gets the power play they desperately needed, but can't capitalize, and UNH comes down to make it a 3-0 game.

Bobby Butler uses some nifty moves inside the left circle to get off a strong wrister that beats Rollheiser. Now a three-goal deficit, BU is going to need to take some chances for a comeback to be possible.

Second period, 7:16, UNH 2-0: The bounces haven't gone BU's way so far, and right now the two-goal deficit looks insurmountable.

The Terriers are going to need a few man advantages to try and get on the board, but UNH has maintained its discipline for the first 32 minutes of play.

Second period, 12:02, UNH 2-0: Damon Kipp snaps off a shot from the point with a lot of traffic in front of the net to give UNH a 2-0 lead.

Rollheiser looked to be screened in front with a lot of action going on in the slot, and Kipp's shot found the back of the net with no problem at all.

Second period, 14:15, UNH 1-0, Kevin Shattenkirk nearly tied the game for BU, but instead the Terriers take a penalty as UNH flees the zone with a 3-on-1.

Zach Cohen gets the penalty for interference, in what is a bad swing for the Terriers.

Second period, 14:37, UNH 1-0: The Terriers are still fighting to get a legitimate scoring chance in front of the UNH net, but so far, the Wildcats have buckled down in their own zone against the BU forecheck.

Second period, UNH 1-0, 18:28: UNH just misses making it a 2-0 game as BU goalie Grant Rollheiser got caught outside the crease, but the puck sailed wide left.

First intermission, UNH 1-0: BU outplayed UNH down the stretch in the first period, but the Terriers one breakdown around their own net is the difference in the game.

If the Terriers can play with the same intensity they displayed at the end of the period for the remainder of the game, this one should end in their favor.

First period, 1:19, UNH 1-0: BU's offense has progressed in the first period with the Terriers now having some good cycling going and some quality chances below the hashes.

UNH has been able to keep the BU shots from being taken inside the slot, and for that, they still hold the lead.

First period, 5:16, UNH 1-0: Nick Bonino had a chance with a wide-open net on the doorstep, but he couldn't get the shot off quick enough before it was blocked. UNH successfully kills off the penalty despite some real pressure from the BU power play.

First period, 8:05, UNH 1-0: UNH hasn't had trouble setting up in the offensive zone, but the same can't be said for BU.

BU gets its first chance to turn the momentum in its favor with a power play here.

First period, 11:41, UNH 1-0: BU kills off the penalty on Nick Bonino, preventing UNH from jumping to a two-goal lead early on.

The crowd has quieted down since the Borisenok goal, and the ice has clearly tilted in favor of the Wildcats over the last three minutes.

First period, 14:50, UNH 1-0: And just like that it's 1-0 UNH.

An unlucky bounce for BU as the puck bounced around the slot before finding Mike Borisenok sitting on the right post.

First period, 15:06: Some back and forth play through the first four-plus minutes of action, but Thompson's breakaway remains the lone scoring chance for either team.

First period, 19:21: We are under way, as UNH gets the first quality scoring chance of the game.

Junior Paul Thompson got behind the BU defense for a shortened breakaway chance, but was denied trying to tuck it in the 5-hole.

6:30 p.m.: The Hockey East's top team comes to Boston on Saturday night, as Boston University hosts New Hampshire in a conference matchup at Agganis Arena.

BU will look to continue the momentum created in their 5-4 overtime win over Boston College on Friday night, while UNH will look to extend their winning streak to four straight against the Terriers.