Vancouver’s Tanner Glass Gets Up Close and Personal With Fans

by abournenesn

January 10, 2010

Vancouver's Tanner Glass Gets Up Close and Personal With Fans Hockey’s a rough sport, and at times it can be flat-out scary.

No one would agree more with this statement than a certain Vancouver Canucks fan as she watched her team take on the Flames on Saturday.

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Vancouver's Tanner Glass Gets Up Close and Personal With Fans

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The Bruins struggled again on Saturday and many fans are starting to turn their backs on the beloved Black and Gold — some are even comparing one B’s forward to lovable Disney icon.

I agree.
Last year we were a hard team to play against where did that go?
Sabokta is your best and only hitter? We used to own the boards
creating chances from forechecking now it is dump and I would say chase
but we are too slow to even chase. What happened to the heart I think
Claude need to let the forwards do their job and go for it, enough of
this defense crap, let them do their own job. Anyways we are in serious
trouble. Maybe Ryder should get his skates sharpened he looked like
Bambi out there today.


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Peyton Manning earned his fourth MVP award over the weekend, but after his football career is over, he has another career to look forward to: acting.

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