Want a New Gilbert Arenas Jersey? NBA Shop Says 'No Go' Gilbert Arenas’ Wild-West-style showdown with Javaris Crittenton in the Washington Wizards’ locker room keeps coming back to haunt Arenas. Now fans of Agent Zero can no longer purchase a Wizard’s jersey with his name on the back from the NBA Store online. For that matter, the name Arenas can no longer be put onto a Washington Capitals, Baltimore Ravens or any other jersey from the “Big Four” American sports.

As noted by Yahoo Sports’ Puck Daddy blog, Arenas’ name is listed as “inappropriate, derogatory, or profane” on the NHL Store’s Web site when attempting to customize a Capitals jersey for the suspended Wizards guard. Arenas’ jersey also is not available in the drop-down menu with the Wizards roster.

Puck Daddy reports that the site that runs the store for the league, GSI, put the name on the banned list. The scandal surrounding Arenas and his altercation with Crittenton and brandishing of firearms in the Wizards locker room (a violation of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement) is apparently what led to Arenas’ name joining the banned list right next to the seven words George Carlin says you can’t use on TV.

It is uncommon for a player to be unavailable to have his jersey created for him. The NFL had an issue a few years ago when Randall Gay began to play for the Patriots. Fans that admired the cornerback’s work and wished to don his jersey were out of luck, as “Gay” was blocked because of potential derogatory references. The NFL Shop eventually fixed the issue.

While Arenas finds himself indefinitely suspended from the NBA, awaiting sentencing for a felony gun charge and on the naughty words list, Crittenton has gotten off virtually scot-free, even though reports allege he also had a gun in the locker room. The point guard out of Georgia Tech did have his house searched by police looking for the weapon in question, but nothing was found.

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