Colts' Robert Mathis Thinks Rex Ryan Is 'Cool' -- And He's Not the Only One Jets head coach Rex Ryan can fire up his team on game day, but that has not stopped him from being "cool."

According  to Colts defensive end Robert Mathis, NFL players around the league like Ryan as a coach, the New York Post reports.

"All players around the league like [Ryan]," Mathis told the Post. "I don't take anything disrespectful from what he says. He wants to pump up his boys. He's got to get his boys right. I understand that. He's real cool, a real cool guy."

Mathis likes the Jets coach, but he also knows Ryan's aggressive coaching style would not work on the Colts.

"I like his methods," Mathis added in the Post. "I love it, make no mistake about it, but that's just not our way."

Jets players can provide the best perspective on their boisterous coach, and New York defensive end Marques Douglas shares the league-wide view on Ryan

"He's fun," Douglas told The Indianapolis Star.