Dana Barros Looks at Nate Robinson's Boston Arrival NESN analyst Dana Barros comes at you with a breakdown of new Celtic Nate Robinson, while touching on Ray Allen‘s reaction to trade rumors swirling around him and Boston’s next opponent.

Did rumors light a fire under Allen? Check the video for Barros’ answer, in which he talks about Allen’s situation that he would prefer to stay in Boston and not have to pack up and move his family.

It’s not a situation the 25-year-old Robinson can or should identify with, says Barros. “It’s a lot easier (to be traded) when you’re Nate Robinson and young and trying to find yourself in the league. This is a great experience for him,” Barros noted.

Boston will take on the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, bringing their four-game West Coast trip to an end. Nuggets coach George Karl recently revealed he is undergoing treatment for neck and throat cancer. Barros, who played for Karl for three years, said that “it can definitely be a rallying cry” for the Nuggets.

Barros also looked at a matchup he feels will be the key to the game Sunday: The Nuggets’ Chauncey Billups going up against point guard Rajon Rondo. “Who is going to control the speed?” Barros wonders.

For the full Celtics breakdown, head to the video below.