Is Tiger Woods Still a Role Model?


Is Tiger Woods Still a Role Model? Tiger Woods came clean, apologized, and asked the world for forgiveness.

But how will the superstar’s “transgressions” affect the next generation of golfers that considered Woods a role model?

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Is Tiger Woods Still a Role Model?

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“I told myself I will not swim over the age of 30, and I will not swim over the age of 30.”
Swimmer Michael Phelps told the AP that he will be retiring after the 2012 Olympics

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One reader explains why they want to see Joe Mauer in a Twins uniform until he retires. And does so in “gamer” talk.

“yeah Mauer would be great, but I would HATE to see him leave Minnesota. Homegrown talent, he needs to be a franchise player. Him, Pujols, Jeter, and Hanley all need to stay where they are and retire with their team. (I know we traded Hanley to the Marlins, but he has spent all of his MLB career in Florida). Either way – don’t pull a Yankees and go buy the best, like that. That’d be like turning off the Even Trade option on a video game and just going to town. You have a great team, but you beat crap teams because you have all the good players.”

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Didn’t see this one coming.

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