Jason Varitek Gives New Meaning to ‘Playing Small Ball’


Jason Varitek Gives New Meaning to 'Playing Small Ball'Has Jason Varitek grown in the offseason or did the baseballs just get smaller?

Tek and the Sox took part in Day 1 of pitchers and catchers Saturday in Fort Myers.

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Jason Varitek Gives New Meaning to 'Playing Small Ball'

Quote of the day

?I had said at the beginning of the race that if I was in that position and I did get gold coming from behind that I was going to remain stoic and respectful because you never want to cheer when somebody else loses. But I have to apologize to Martins, that didn?t happen, I lost my mind when I saw the 0.07 come up and I was like I had stuck my finger in a light socket.?
Jon Montgomery after winning gold in the skeleton on Saturday.

Comment of the day

J.D. Drew fans are very passionate … and respectful.

“Holy poop! a new record! Four people that don’t hate JD Drew! Until Jacoby showed up, JD was my favorite player on the team and I still think he’s terribly underrated.”

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Goodbye “Boom goes the dynamite.” Hello “You gotta guard Murph!”

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