Kevin Garnett Puts Locker-Room Tension in Rearview Mirror Before Wednesday's win over Miami, Celtics coach Doc Rivers came to the defense of point guard Rajon Rondo for comments Rondo made that some took as a sign of discord in the Boston locker room.

After the game, Kevin Garnett put an end to the issue once and for all, with Rondo by his side.

"Let me say something," Garnett started when a reporter pressed the issue. "I'm not speaking for [Rondo], but on this team we have a lot of strong personalities. If anything, we're all seeking, especially when we lose. I can remember last year when we lost out in Portland and it was three straight and I could sense that everybody within themselves was trying to do more than they should."

Garnett became a bit more serious and continued.

"When I read [Rondo's] comments, I talked to him personally because I have a lot of personal conversations. That's what it was, you know. We're not a team here that points fingers. We keep everybody accountable. Everybody knows what this is in the locker room. What needs to be said is going to be said in the close confinements of the locker room and with each other as men.

"I want everybody to respect that."

Rondo still on his flank, Garnett then shot out a "Next question!" When nobody said a word, he clapped once and left the table like a blackjack dealer, his point guard in tow.