Mark Sanchez ‘Pulling’ for Tiger Woods


Many Americans criticized Tiger Woods after Friday's public statement, but the professional golfer earned the support of at least one well-known athlete with his public apology.

According to The New York Post, Mark Sanchez is "pulling" for Woods and his family.

"Saw Tiger this morning & I thought he was genuine. I'm pulling for Tiger, Elin and their kids & truly hope they come out stronger in the end," Sanchez said via Twitter after Woods' mea culpa.

Jets kicker Jay Feely made Twitter comments following Woods' apology as well — but the veteran was less forgiving of the world's No. 1 golfer.

"I don't feel sorry for Tiger, he brought all of this on himself," Feely said via Twitter. "I do hope he makes the necessary changes for the future of his family." 

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