Report: Nomar Garciaparra Auditions for ESPN and MLB Network


Maybe we can call this one Nomargate.

The "controversy" stems from a San Francisco Chronicle report that Nomar Garciaparra is "widely expected to retire" — a report that was later disputed by former teammate Lou Merloni. The WEEI contributor said that Nomar still intends to play in the majors this season.

Now, The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy says that the former Rookie of the Year may be eying his rookie season behind a microphone.

"Nomar auditioned on ESPN and MLB Network [Tuesday]," Shaughnessy wrote, before adding a line that many folks who covered the Red Sox in the late '90s and early 2000s would probably like to say. "What a fraud. Nobody hated the media more with less cause than our guy Nomie."

Potential for fraudulence aside, there is some credence to Shaughnessy's claim. Last week, the Globe's Chad Finn wrote that Garciaparra had spoken with the two networks earlier in the offseason about "possible studio analyst work."

Given the uncertainty that has been MLB free agency the past two winters, it's very likely that both stories are true. Garciaparra would likely take a baseball job if one was offered, but it never hurts to have a backup plan.

The appearance on MLB Network can be seen by clicking here, and the ESPN appearance is below. Auditions? You can be the judge.

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