Saints' Sean Payton Hand-Delivers Lombardi Trophy to Mardi Gras ParadeThe biggest party in the history of the world is upon us. Maybe that’s why Saints’ head coach Sean Payton felt the need to give the Lombardi Trophy — the belle of the ball — some fresh air before the big bash.

The Saints’ skipper, who admitted to sleeping with the trophy, showed the hordes of ‘Who Dats’ their new hardware on his way into the Crescent City.

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Should the Red Sox give an old friend a new lease? This reader certainly makes a good point.

think the Red Sox should sign him to a minor league deal. He’s a
well-respected man up here in Red Sox Nation–even though the end of
his tenure here was pretty ugly. He put up numbers, and he was able to
keep the team together through the tough times of the late 1990s to the
early 2000s. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would love to see
Nomar at least play in the organization again, with an option to return
to the majors in the case of a major injury, or even if he shows at
least a hint of his old form (highly unlikely). I grew up watching
him–in fact, I remember seeing/meeting him back in his Pawtucket days,
and since then I’ve become a huge fan of Nomar. I say bring him back
for one last hurrah!.

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This kid gives new meaning to “please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.”

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