Barack Obama Makes 2010 NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions

by NESN Staff

March 17, 2010

Barack Obama Makes 2010 NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions Step aside, health care. Barack Obama has other issues to address.

This week, it’s who will be cutting down the nets when the Madness ends.

The president made his second annual public predictions for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

The commander in chief picked a pair of No. 1 seeds (Kansas and Kentucky) and a pair of No. 2 seeds (Kansas State and Villanova) to make a trip to the Final Four and has the Kansas Jayhawks topping the Kentucky Wildcats to win it all.

Sorry, Mr. Obama. Your Tar Heels aren’t anywhere to be found on the 2010 bracket.

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Barack Obama Makes 2010 NCAA Tournament Bracket Predictions

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?It?s a process that has never been done before in the season. But this is so important an issue that if we can possibly avoid just one concussion, we should do this.?
–NHL senior vice president and director of hockey operations Colin Campbell, in regards to new rules for hits to the head

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This reader believes a certain mathematics professor should stay clear of Fenway Park this season.

“The Sox have the best starting five in the game. Their Bullpen looks very solid as well. They will be an outstanding defensive team. The question mark becomes, can they score runs. For this reason they need to hang on to Mike Lowell. Does anyone believe that if they are not scoring enough runs midway through the season that Theo will just sit pat and not go after a bat? If he does, that throws the math equation right out the old window now doesn’t it Proffesor Bukiet. I can just picture the guy now, bow tie, horn rimmed glasses, wing tips and pathces on the sleeves of his Mr. Rogers sweater. Well, Mr. bukiet your not welcome in this neighborhood.”

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Maybe this St. Patrick’s Day donnybrook from 1991 can fire up Boston’s North End pucksters.


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