Blake Comeau Feels Michael Ryder's Wrath Montreal’s Maxim Lapierre took the dirty hit of the week award, but Michael Ryder‘s accidental hit from behind on New York’s Blake Comeau was no love tap.

Comeau made it off the ice on his own power after laying face-down for an extended period of time following the hit on Saturday. I wonder if this Hurley from Lost/Miley Cyrus music video was rattling in his head as he was sprawled out on the ice?

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Blake Comeau Feels Michael Ryder's Wrath

Quote of the day

“The stick and glove are priceless. There’s absolutely no substitute for that exact stick and glove.”
Len Rhodes, vice-president and general manager for Reebok Hockey CCM, referring to Sidney Crosby’s lost equipment.

Comment of the day

New nickname ideas crop up everywhere, but very few stick. What are the odds this one for Johnny Boychuk does?

“Our D was a little weak at times on the Island. Wideman always is. “Dude, did you see me fall down”? Boychuk wasn’t having a great day either but I’ll give him some slack because he’s awesome anyway. Krejci? What can you say? He’s so overlooked in this league but he shouldn’t be. I’m beginning to like Seidendberg. He’ll fit in. Ryder’s hit was stupid and I hope he gets suspended for a few games so we can bring a scorer up from Providence.”

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