CFL Changing Overtime Rules to Require Two-Point Conversion Attempts


March 5, 2010

Much scuttlebutt was made last week when an NFL spokesman said the league was considering making changes to the overtime system in the playoffs. The league's neighbors to the north are taking overtime changes to a new level.

The league is changing the rules of overtime. Currently, the CFL uses a college-like system, though it limits possessions to just two per team. If the game is still tied after each team has had two overtime possessions, then the game ends in a tie.

But nobody likes ties, so the CFL is planning to shake things up.

According to, the league will require teams to attempt a two-point conversion after scoring a touchdown.

"The rules committee decided that the two point convert will make an exciting approach to overtime even more exciting, with a pass or run with the game potentially on the line replacing a kick that has become relatively routine," CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins said in release. "What's also exciting is the committee has again listened to our fans, and heeded their advice."

The report says that the proposal will be presented to the league's top board, who will make a final decision in the spring.

A model for the NFL? Not exactly, but it could help build momentum for public support of a change in the NFL's system as well.

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